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Welcome to YOUR Office Pools
March Madness
Office pools are as American as apple pie. They are a good way to promote teamwork and comradery through some good old friendly competition. Traditionally, the biggest hurdle to running a pool is finding someone who is willing to gather picks, enter scores and then tally the results in a timely manner. This can quickly become a full time job and can lead to errors in the results. At YourOfficePools our goal is to take care of the hard work so everyone can enjoy themselves.
All of our pools work the same. Users sign up for free. Any user can start their own league (fees vary depending on the event) which makes them the commissioner. Within a league, the commissioner can set up certain preferences about how they would like to run their league. One of these settings is whether their league is public (open to all users) or private. Any active user can join a publich league while private leagues are by invitation only and require a password, set up by the commissioner, to join. All leagues include their own message board and personal message center for users to host discussions and send each other private notes.After joining a league, users can make their selections. Once games, races, matches, etc. have completed, we enter the scores. With a click of a button the commissioner can tally their league's results and e-mail the results. The results are also published on the site for users to view at any time. At the conclusion of the season, the commissioner can build a spreadsheet containing a summary of all of the results for their league which they can keep for future reference.
To learn more about the pools we offer simply click on one of the links on the left. If you don't see a pool or have comments about enhancing an existing pool, please send us an e-mail. We're open to new ideas.